Pelosi & Reid: putting the “dic” in “ridiculous”

When the health care debate really started heating up this summer, I was enraged simply by the unConstitutional role the federal government was trying to play. I eventually came to terms with the reality that no matter how loudly I speak or how many times I call my representatives, this administration is hell-bent on forcing “reform” down our throats. (I guess it depends on your definition of “reform”…but doesn’t it connotate improving the existing system? Not overthrowing the economy and instituting another flawed system?)

So, I figured I’d eventually have to support the lesser of however-many evils would arise out of the whole debacle. But now that bills are finalized in the House and the Senate, I can’t find a lesser evil to support.

A few weeks ago I heard about a draft of a GOP bill (only 230 pages, vs the monstrosities put out by Pelosi and Reid) that actually contained elements of true reform that I could support (given no other option but gov’t involvement). Does anyone know what happened with that? I haven’t heard about it since.

But now? I only have one question: who’s going to pay for Obamacare when those of us who morally oppose federally funded abortions, mandated health insurance coverage, the creation of a mega-czar to oversee the whole mess, rationed care, and all that comes with the Democrats’ idea of “reform” are in jail because we refuse to buy it?



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