Out of touch

Articles like this, this and this not only give me retarded tingles for our leaders, but anger and sadden me that it’s come to this. The whole situation reminds me of the age-old adage, “He who smelt it, dealt it.”

And, let’s face it, the Democrats totally smelt it.

Which means one of two things (neither of which are good):

1. Lawmakers are so corrupted themselves that they assume everyone else is, too. Surely no one really opposes their healthcare reform plans but those villainous insurance companies and right-wing extremists so they’re the ones flooding the town hall meetings with the crazies.

2. They are so out of touch with their constituents that when the voice of the people actually becomes audible, they pull out all the spin tactics they can to invalidate it.

The Founding Fathers declared independence after the colonies were levied with a tax that amounted to less than 0.5%. Why? Representation! Or the lack thereof.

Now we’re faced with politicians who don’t want to hear what the people have to say because it conflicts with their own agendas. They’re choosing to ignore the voice of the people and, worse, are spinning it to the media that the protesters are only there to gain fame on YouTube, or because they were paid off by insurance companies, or because they’re antiestablishment nutjobs.

Oh, and let’s not forget that they want you to tattle on your neighbor if he speaks out against healthcare reform–because anyone who opposes it is obviously spreading “misinformation” and we can’t have that. So email the White House and let them know.

Have they forgotten their roles as representatives? Have they forgotten that it’s their job to act on behalf of the voice of the people? Have they forgotten it’s a Constitutional right for the people to speak their minds? If the majority of the people are in favor of the reform bills, fine; but don’t ignore the opposition just because it’s opposition. Don’t tell me my opinion–because it’s different from yours–isn’t valid because you think I’m crazy.

I don’t support violent, rude, or disrespectful protests, but I completely support our First Amendment rights. It’s looking more and more like our leaders don’t; instead, they’re sending the message that “You’re technically allowed to voice your opinion, but if it’s different from ours, it’s wrong and we’ll do all we can to shut you down.”

Are we going to stand for that?

This says it all much better than I can. Guess that’s why she gets paid for it, huh?


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