The thought of Obamacare makes me sick

The idea of a socialized healthcare system makes me sick. I don’t even know if I can adequately put into words the outrage and foreboding I feel when I think about the healthcare debate going on.

1. The government has NO BUSINESS getting involved in the marketplace! That’s the bottom line. But somehow Americans have become so dependent on the federal government that they think it’s not only right but their job to do things like regulate and bail out businesses; step in and reconstruct our entire healthcare system; hand out free food, free housing, free utilities, free education; and redistribute the wealth. The federal government has been handing out fish for so long that most Americans don’t even know they have the option to go catch their own fish, let alone possess the skills to fish for themselves. The government has created a society dependent on their handouts and this healthcare reform is just another fish.

2. The cost issue: who is going to pay for this?? The people who aren’t dependent on the handouts, that’s who. And our children. And our grandchildren. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t work hard to go through college and grad school so I could get a job and see half of my paycheck go to support Joe Blow down the street who does nothing but sit on his stoop all day. I donate 10% of my income to charity; I’m happy to provide meals, clothing, transportation, money and support to people who need it. But I’ll be darned if my government is going to take my money and make those decisions for me. And I’ll be damned if my government is going to take my money to pay for abortions, or ER visits for illegal immigrants who not only don’t pay any taxes but don’t bother to take the necessary steps to become citizens.

3. President Obama and his supporters in Congress promise that we’ll be able to keep our doctors and plans if we’re satisfied with them. Riiiiiiiight. Sure, they’re not going to force us to switch plans. But “their” option will compete with my current option and you know what? Because I’m already paying so much in taxes for “their” option, it’s going to be cheaper for my boss to switch over to that. Where’s my choice in the matter? I have none.

4. And then what? Employers start switching to ObamaPlan and employees get dumped into the system. Big Brother, anyone? First, the government will have access to all our  medical records. (Privacy, what?) Let’s all go read 1984, Brave New World, and go watch Minority Report. I’m no conspiracy-theorist, I just like my inalienable rights as they are, thankyouverymuch.

Second, the system will be flooded. And we all know what that means, thanks to countries like Canada and Britain who are providing their citizens with such stellar access to care. Last summer, I needed eye surgery. I noticed a problem with my left eye; I called my doctor on Friday. She referred me to a specialist, who I saw on Monday. I had surgery on Tuesday. Prompt access to quality care = vision saved. Can the government guarantee the same results? I highly doubt it. If I had had to wait even a week to see my doctor, or even wait a week for surgery, my vision in that eye would be gone. And from what I know about healthcare in Canada and Britain, waiting only a week for either a doctor visit or surgery would be a miracle unto itself.

Third, competition will flatline. Ironic, isn’t it? Who’s going to want to go to years and years of medical school, work hard, go into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt (or maybe not, since they’ll be working for the government) only to come out and make a generic salary based on the number of patients they see? Can you imagine the quality of doctors our country will produce? Mediocre, at best.

Fourth, don’t we already have a government option available for people who can’t afford coverage? Um, isn’t it called Medicare? And wow, that system is a shining beacon of successful, high-quality medical care, isn’t it?

I understand it’s a complicated issue. I understand that the lawmakers like us to think issues are too complicated to understand. But you know what? My opinion matters. So does yours. I called my senators and congressman today; did you?


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